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Company Profile

We started with cable television more than a decade ago. Now we bring you so much more. We make access to all the latest communication and entertainment technology affordable, useful and fun. We're Fariya Networks (Cable Internet service provider).

When we began as a small company in 2000, Today we're a company, bringing you the cutting edge in digital entertainment and Internet communications for the home. Fariya Networks is a broadband communications company providing a full range of advanced broadband entertainment services to the home. Fariya Networks also provides business to business video, data and Internet protocol (IP) solutions through Fariya Networks Business Division.

Fueled by the availability of affordable personal computers, the growth of broadband networks, startling advances in digital technology and the explosion of the Internet as a vehicle for commerce, education and entertainment.

With the ability to transmit voice, video and data at high speeds, cable is the primary platform for delivering these services to the home and workplace. Fariya Networks is achieving the Wired World vision by developing and deploying advanced interactive services through our broadband infrastructure.

Our Mission

To assure a suitable provision the service of access to Internet with the best relation existing price-quality in the market. This flexibility allowed to develop a product diversity us that covers certain necessities.

To design and to implement solutions to size, for it our continuous task of investigation allows to tell on the resources and technological innovations us according to specific necessities.

To maintain the commitment to guarantee that our products and services accompany the growth and evolution of our clients to turn this process our source of continuous improvement.

  • LAN Connectivity,
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Obtical Fiber Connctivity (for Loop Holder)
  • Services of Hosting Web site

Customize FTP Drive Space available As added value Fariya Networks has in its infrastructure the suitable technology to complement, to guarantee and to facilitate the use of applications Internet by means of:

  • From our Own Server
  • Multi Home Backbone
  • Redundant connections of high capacity
  • Technology of ruteo and redundant switching Cisco & Linux
  • Permanent, dedicated and professional technical support
  • Equipment of emergency for power shutdowns (UPS, automatic starter generators)

Our Policies

  • The company shall have the right to change the terms and conditions stated at any time without notice.
  • Service charges are payable in advance.
  • Services will immediately be terminated if user is found violating statutory regulations and laws or sending any message, which is offensive, indecent, obscene or creating religions, racial or political hatred.
  • User shall not transfer, hire, resell and dispose of service to any other party.
  • The starting of service will be the 1st of the month.
  • Due to change, if any, in the company network, the company shall not be responsible to ensure that user’s software will continue to be compatible with the company network and user shall have no claim whatsoever on the company network before connecting to the network.
  • As its exclusive discretion the company serves the right to refuse its service to any party without assigning and reason.
  • The company shall have the right to resist or shutdown the service temporarily due to technical problem.
  • The company shall not be responsible for any kind of damage to subscriber’s p.c. due to any accidental or natural causes.
  • The company shall not be responsible for any damage to network accessories provided to subscriber by the company.
  • The company without notice may vary service charges.
  • Subscriber must inform to company month prior discontinuing service.

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